My Feminism Doesn’t Have to Be Your Feminism by Samantha Heuwagen

As a fellow feminist of color, I concur. There should not be one single definition of feminism, as too often the media and some people I know of, think. Feminism includes women from ALL CULTURES from ALL RACES and obviously, culture is always relevant. Struggles for women’s rights and human’s rights are also unequal depending on ethnicity, race, culture, country, you get the idea.

Matter of Cause

Throughout my life I have struggled with the idea of being a feminist. I was lost in a sea of definitions that I could partially relate to and then some I had no connection to or could barely understand at all. I know I am not alone in this dizzying world of trying to define ourselves through ideas found in the media and even within the classroom. However, I have discovered throughout my time in academia, that one of the ways we can discover who we are is by listening and learning from definitions of  the various theories, ideologies, and theologies that are out there. This is a huge undertaking, but it gives us a start to truly becoming enlightened about the world around us. Once on the path towards self discovery, it is my belief that we must then learn to respect each other and the differences we come…

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"Those of us with the power to speak must speak" -Staceyann Chin College student doing some reflecting and soul-searching. Will occasionally write about the immigrant diaspora, sexuality, religion, social justice, loss, and offer advice. Most of the time it will be scrambling for answers to questions I don't know the answers to. I write as a way to express what otherwise might be forgotten in passing. I write to heal, I write to forgive, and I write for equality. Thanks for reading about bits and bobs of my little life. Keep on smiling. Profile picture is a series of body art photos done by Chinese artist Huang Yan by the way. Feel free to look him up if you're curious. View all posts by Classyasfemme

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