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Miyazaki Piano compilation from all the films!

This right here is currently my jam. Listening to it while writing papers and doing readings has never been so relaxing. Going through a bit of nostalgia and a few ruffles in my life with a box of tissues doesn’t hurt so much now. Makiko Hirohashi (who did the arrangement) is my heroine.


The Problem with “Privilege”

“I am so and so, and I have x privilege.” It was never quite clear what the point of these confessions were. It was not as if other participants did not know the confessor in question had her/his proclaimed privilege. It did not appear that these individual confessions actually led to any political projects to dismantle the structures of domination that enabled their privilege. Rather, the confessions became the political project themselves.

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The Problem with Privilege

by Andrea Smith

For a much longer and detailed version, see  my essay in the book Geographies of Privilege  

In my experience working with a multitude of anti-racist organizing projects over the years, I frequently found myself participating in various workshops in which participants were asked to reflect on their gender/race/sexuality/class/etc. privilege.  These workshops had a bit of a self-help orientation to them: “I am so and so, and I have x privilege.”  It was never quite clear what the point of these confessions were.  It was not as if other participants did not know the confessor in question had her/his proclaimed privilege.   It did not appear that these individual confessions actually led to any political projects to dismantle the structures of domination that enabled their privilege.  Rather, the confessions became the political project themselves.    The benefits of these confessions seemed to be ephemeral.  For…

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Memorial (based on Audre Lorde’s Memorial II)



what are you seeing

in my mirror this morning

peering out like a hungry bird

behind my eyes

are you seeking the shape of a girl

you met in a Beijing Summer

or are you looking for my mother

I grow more and more

to resemble her




do you remember

I could not accept your face dying

do not know you now?




Surely your vision stayed

stronger than mine

you would have made a great photographer

for all the nuances you noticed       I would have missed

had you not shown me

Steven         tell me

where do dead boys wander

after their summer?


I wish I could see you again

far from me even

swan-like flying into the sun

your eyes are blinding me


Did you think I chose to go to a liberal arts school because I wanted to get a job?

Do you think I go to a liberal arts school because I want to get a job?

I want more than a job. I want to find myself, challenge myself, to think and unfold into myself.

I am on the road to self-discovery, however long that may take…and a job will come sometime on the way. There are so many things you can do in your time in college, so many things you can do after college…

and that’s for me to find out.


It’s my time of the month.

It’s my time to shine

It’s my time to wear whatever I feel sexy in (comfortable, conventionally unsexy lingerie)

It’s my time to cry, scream, rage 

but I will NOT blame it on my period, what comes naturally to my female body.

I celebrate it as a chance for my emotions to unfold like flowers blooming in spring

I celebrate my being woman

being human.

“It’s a struggl…

“It’s a struggle but that’s why we exist, so that another generation of Lesbians of color will not have to invent themselves, or their history, all over again.” Amen to that.

Audre Lorde

“Why I Hate Black History Month”

Akilah Hughes’ opinion on Black history month.

“We have so much to talk about in Black history month, but the curriculum dictates we talk about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Eli Whitney, Malcolm X…and you will read slave narratives.. but you won’t hear what all the other things Black people do and have done in this country since its inception”

“We have a month dedicated to Black history which is 8 people but we won’t take the time to break down stereotypes we won’t take the time to analyze the media which says Black people are a certain way, white people can be however they want to be…there’s a different way we can go about it. Black history is American history. Have we gotten to the point where we can teach American history that includes Native Americans and Latinos [and Asians, Eastern Europeans, Pacific Islanders, insert demographics I have not included]?”

Well said, Akilah.

While I I agree with some of her points, I think the idea of Black history month is not a bad one. Narratives especially from people of color and Black people, should not be forgotten. To forget is to disrespect, devalue the lives and experiences of love, pain, death, change of people who were living in societies that they were underprivileged in.
That being said, Why should there be solely ONE MONTH dedicated to Black history?

Too bad most schools teach the curriculum which is the history of White Americans (year round), while selecting only certain narratives such as slave narratives, Trail of tears, Cultural Revolution (omitting important parts and teaching from a skewed Western democratic perspective I might add…don’t even GET me started on how much Asian history and Asian-American history is omitted from the curriculum of schools I have attended).
The picking and choosing of which narratives are desirable (did I mention POLITICALLY APPROPRIATE, fuck politics) to teach in schools usually don’t focus on how people of color have, and are currently contributing to America since it’s inception [in Alikah’s words]? But that’s a whole other omission and another story.

But then, maybe I am putting too much faith in schools. Perhaps one shouldn’t expect them to be places where social ills are cured.

I’m still waiting to see a day when my future children will not live in a racist society or think their own culture inferior due to “whitewashing” and be interested in learning about their ancestors, native language, culture and take pride in their heritage.

Maybe that’s too much to hope for. Or maybe not.

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