Why Ferguson matters to Asian Americans

Why Ferguson matters to Asian Americans – Soya Jung on Racefiles


10 Queer things I love

1. Red lipstick (I have so many of them)

2. Wearing skirts when it’s warm sans stockings, con stockings when it’s cold. (But I’m realistically more of a blue-jeans or corduroys person)

3. Receiving and writing letters to friends in far places.

4. (queer) poetry [Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Darkmatter, Paul Tran…]

5. Seeing and recognizing another QPOC, and having them as friends

6. Honest, comfortable places where I don’t feel silenced

7. Coming out to people who love me for who I am

8. Tea. Masala Chai. Jasmine. Oolong. Lemon with honey. Milk tea with the right kind of boba. Lychee jelly. Ovaltine. Milo.

9. Asian food: Dimsum, Pho, Bun, soup dumplings, Bulgogi, cucumber kimchi, mango sticky rice, red curry, golden curry…

10. Zero 7, Little Dragon, Iron & Wine, The Flavr Blue

Peace & Love,


Asian and…gay? Blog hunting times

What it’s like to be gay and asian – wonderful blog I found while searching for femme Asians.

Yellow. Rage.

“Yellow Rage” Def Jam: Brave New Voices spoken word poetry. Some damn fierce asians.

API Hair and Queerness

Where has this been all my life.

Thought of the Day

I don’t care if you dislike me because I don’t fit your perception of what an Asian person is SUPPOSED to be like. I’m living my life how I am with no apologies. Accept me as an individual AND as an Asian person.

I’m not trying to “act white” or “act black” I’m Asian and have always been and always will be. American society is more than these two races despite selective histories public schools teach (although I think the public schools I have attended don’t do Black narratives or history justice).

I was taught to see myself through the lens of a White person or identify with the struggles of a Black person (which I cannot do because I am not Black) BECAUSE Nobody told me what it meant to be Asian. The history I learned was always written by some White scholar, taught by White teachers and never noted the first person narrative of an Asian person.

I didn’t learn about discrimination to Asians second-hand; I learned it through having undergone painful firsthand experiences, coupled with my gender, immigrant status (albeit from a Postcolonial Pacific oceanic country), emotional disorders, and queer identity (all of which very much intersect).

So take me for who I am. If my personality offends you, fine. If my race offends you, that’s never okay. If both offend you first ask yourself why.

What is an Asian supposed to be like, anyway? docile, harmonious, quiet, peaceful, good at math/science??! Perhaps sometimes for some people (yes I acknowledge this, however probably not all at once) but you wouldn’t think someone who is White who had a certain alignment of traits meant that the traits were true for ALL White people. Not ALL White people are racists.

*It’s not always the White people who struggle with racial ignorance by the way. People of Color struggle with internalized racism and may treat POC the same way they’ve been taught to devalue POC despite being POC themselves. Which is warped, which makes Racism itself even more warped.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

*Made with spotty grammar but no excuses.

Growing Up

This is the poem I submitted to this online creative writing magazine through my college!!! I’m so glad they took it. *smiles*

When I was younger I wanted to become a writer

I didn’t realize it rose out of loneliness

Or that my mouth would be full of words that had no navels

My sewing needle has thread too short to make a knot

The only jobs I qualify for require banter that does not end

Smiles that have no meaning

My life is just beginning when young women talk about marriage, husbands, children

I am no longer a child

I am no longer a girl

I see the snow falling outside

And I imagine myself like other women

I am not like the other young women I sit next to in lectures

I used to think Ivory Tower meant theories trapped in a tower taught by old white men with no practical application

Most of what I learn cannot solve social ills

I learned more about racism than I had in…

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